First blog post

This is my very first post, as WordPress has so politely pointed out.

So, what comes first?

To begin with, who am I?

I’m thirty-*mumblemumblemumble* years old and live in the north of England. I’m a writer, though not yet published. This blog is basically for posting bits I write about things I’m interested in. Sometimes fiction, sometimes rants, sometimes rambling, though I don’t know what proportion that’ll be in. Let’s see how things turn out.

I dabble in various creative projects from time to time, including helping run live-action horror roleplaying events) and trying to get short stories published, but mostly I work on fantasy novels that, if I had to categorise them, would probably be dieselpunk-ish.

Basically, think a fantasy world stuck in the middle of its equivalent to the First World War, with an emphasis on people being bastardly to each other and something grimmer and nastier than the war sitting just outside of reality.

As yet, the first in the series, Smog & Mirrors, about a police constable, a mercenary and a spy each investigating a massacre at a monastery in their own way, is unpublished, although I’m still hawking it around agents. The second, The Guns of Luvania, in which various factions in the titular kingdom vie to secure, overthrow or abolish the monarchy, is about 80% finished in first draft form.

The third book, Zergansk, is unwritten, although I’m probably going to blitz a good chunk of the first draft come November, for National Novel Writing Month. The plot is still very vague at the moment, but it’ll be focused on a Verdun-style siege of the titular city and its ring of fortresses. The Guns of Luvania starred several returning minor characters from Smog & Mirrors, and I’m thinking of doing the same again with Zergansk, specifically the two characters in the series so far who are at least three hundred years old, Johann Ceralius (who is undead) and Professor Aximund (who has made pacts with certain demons in exchange for long life). If I do stick with those two characters (along with the multitude of other viewpoints required for a story about a battle) Zergansk will be split between two time periods: an Elizabethan-style era where Ceralius is still alive and Professor Aximund is still human, and the ‘present day’ of trenches and barbed wire. Both stories will be set in the city Zergansk, running in parallel, and gradually building up to finales in both eras, one of which sets in motion the events leading up to the other, three hundred years later.

Does that make sense? If so, you’re doing better than I am, because I’ve no idea how that’s going to work. Let’s find out.


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