Streloc Has Stolen My Brain

Accursed Streloc (or Streloc the Accursed, depending on who you’re speaking to) seems to have grabbed hold of my brain and won’t give it back.

Yesterday, I vomited out another 3700 words of that random medieval fantasy thing I posted last week. This month was meant to be spent finishing up the first draft of The Guns of Luvania, ready to start work on the first draft of Zergansk when NaNoWriMo starts in a few weeks.

Well, seems that plans have changed.

It turns out that a depressed, homicidal dwarf, responsible for accidental genocide, is actually a fun character to write.

Now I just need to work out what the plot for Cold Iron is, and whether it will be one book or more than one, and whether there’ll be any other viewpoint characters than Streloc.

Also, I’m wondering if trying to get something more mainstream for my first book might be a better option than something as niche as politicking and backstabbing in a fantasy First World War.


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