Cold Iron – some more ramblings

With NaNoWriMo rapidly approaching, I’ve been filling out the plot for Cold Iron. I think the story’s going to be mainly, if not entirely, from Streloc’s point of view – I’ve found no need yet to switch to another perspective. Maybe once the plot develops, it’ll become necessary – currently, I’m still working on the opening act of the story.

I have, however, come up with a better name for the Eruption, the apocalyptic event in which Streloc accidentally killed the gods and started what appears to be the slow, lingering death of the entire world.

The earliest meaning of ‘iconoclasm’ was apparently literal – the physical smashing of idols. It kind of fits, so I’m going to just capitalise the word as ‘the Iconoclasm’.

In was thinking of something like ‘Godfall’, but it turns out that there was a series of Superman comics that used that name, and Godsfall is the name of an island in Sunless Sea (excellent game, go and play it), formed from a fallen stalactite* and populated by rowdy monks.

I’m becoming attached to the Iconoclasm.

The villains of the story (if Streloc isn’t enough of an anti-hero) are probably going to be called the Sybarians. They’re a pre-Iconoclasm cult of hedonists, suppressed in various human nations as being a threat to public morals, safety and order, but invigorated by the death of the gods (and the collapse of civilisation that came with it) into a marauding horde. I’ve not quite fixed their leader, the arch-villain, in my head, but I’m thinking it’s someone with a hankering to ascend to become the first of a new pantheon of gods (delusional? maybe, or maybe he knows something we don’t know),

It may take some careful handling to avoid the rapey connotations of a marauding horde of hedonists (thanks, Slaanesh, for that one), but an emphasis on stuff other than sex will probably help with that.

Also, why not call them Sybarites? Well, Sybarite originally referred to someone from the ancient Greek city of Sybaris, renowned for its extreme luxury and which, in myth, was destroyed by the gods due to their behaviour. I like the sound of the word though, and it brings with it some good connotations, so I’ll just give it an alternate etymology (named after the cult’s leader, maybe?) until something better comes along.


*As an aside, one of my friends mentioned the other day that she had a word for stalagmite because she couldn’t keep the difference between them and stalactites straight in her head: upcicles. Like icicles, but upwards. Lovely word, though the pedant in me wants to argue that icicles and stalactites aren’t the same things… *rolls eyes at self*


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