NaNoWriMo – update

I blame Donald Trump.

Basically, I was doing alright with NaNo this year, bimbling along at a couple of words above or below par, and then US presidential election night happened. I was trying to write with the BBC’s running commentary on in the background, and the distraction was too much. I missed most of a night’s word count.

Various bits and pieces, including reading the immense amount of ‘WTF’ responses on social media and the newspapers over the next day or two swallowed my time and motivation, and before I knew it, I was about three days behind.

The thing with NaNo is that, even when I succeed (like last year), the pressure of writing what is, for me, an unnatural number of words per day leaves me a little bit burned out in December. Sure, I’ve got 50,000 words in a month, but last December left me with about 2000.

So, with 50,000 words out of reach, I’ve re-evaluated my goals for the month.

A 1667 word daily target is too many for me, and missing a day or two opens a massive gap to close. Instead, I’m aiming for an average of 1000 words a day. I can do that in an hour or so of work at home, plus a lunch break at work.

On a more creative note, Streloc Accursed is coming along nicely. Including pre-NaNo word count, it’s up at 26,000 words and we’re just approaching the end of the first arc of the plot. Also, the world and society in which the story’s set (both pre- and post-apocalypse) is firming up in my mind, so things are feeling more ‘real’ for me. On the downside, the only planning I’ve done for what happens next is in my head. I need to take some time to write some notes.

In summary, 1000 words a day. That’s doable, and possibly even sustainable beyond 30th November. Let’s see how it goes.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine has just hit 85,000 words since the start of November so, you know, each to their own.


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