As mentioned previously, I abandoned my 50,000-word target fairly early on in the month. But, by the time I went to bed in the early hours of the 1st December (thank you for not calculating for international time zones, NaNoWriMo!), I had 30,029 words complete, or an average of 1002 per day throughout November.

I intend to add in another 31,000 over the course of December as well (so basically, continuing my ‘NaNo-Lite’ for a second month). Maybe I’ll make it, maybe I won’t. Either way, it’s more words, and if I do manage to sustain this, the first draft of Streloc Accursed will probably be finished by the end of February.

This would be the quickest I’ve ever finished a first draft. My current record’s been a year, and that’s for a complete restart of a previously-attempted story.

Progress in December so far is… mixed.

Due to busy days on the 1st to 3rd, I didn’t do more than a few hundred words each day, although today I stayed in bed for a few hours and rattled out 3000 words. This scene might get split in future drafts, as it’s two long backstory dumps. (Basically, Streloc asks Aubry why Aubry’s father picked a fight with him when they first met, and we find out more-or-less what happened in Aubry’s village after the gods died; in return, Streloc agrees to tell Aubry how he accidentally killed the gods. It involves a very deep hole, a comet made of gold and an explanation of why ‘what in the Empty Hells’ is a fantasy-swearword in this story. Also why Streloc has horns, which I really need to go back and point out in the very first scene of the story, rather than drop it in after about thirty pages.)

The biggest challenge will be that I’m not just writing the story at the moment; I’m writing the plot. Most of what I wrote during November was already plotted out in October, but now, although I know the general progression of plot, the scene-by-scene breakdown only has about three or four scenes in hand.

I’m not quite ‘pantsing’ it, to use NaNo slang, but I’m not quite working to a plan either.

Wish me luck.


(Damn, I still need to come up with a Featured Image for posts related to Streloc Accursed.)


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